Google Maps is no longer FREE

by | 28 Jun, 2018 | Web Alerts

From July 16th 2018 Google will implement a pricing plan with the introduction of the new Google Maps Platform.

The 18 individual APIs that Google Maps currently uses will be rolled into three categories:

  • Maps: Street view, customised dynamic maps and 360° views.
  • Routes: Directions and traffic
  • Places: Addresses, reviews and location names.

This change matters if you currently use Google maps on your website or want people to find your business with Google maps.

  • Do you have a Google map on your contact page?
  • Do you use Google maps on your store location pages?
  • Do you want people to find your business on Google maps and get contact details, directions, reviews, ratings and more?
  • Do you have a location based website app?

Then, you may need to pay to use this service.

Can I still use Google Maps for free?
From June 11, 2018, you will get $200 free usage every month of Maps, Routes or Places. Most smaller websites will be able to continue using Google Maps for free.

What happens if I exceed the $200 monthly free credit?
You only pay for what you use. Click here to view pricing details.

What do you need to do?

  1. Whether you have a simple Google map embedded on your website’s contact page or a location based website application, you need to create a billing account with Google. When your monthly usage is over $200, you will be charged according to their new pricing structure.
  2. You need valid API keys to continue using Google maps.

What happens if I don’t do anything? 
If you do not enable billing with your credit card and don’t have valid API keys for your website/s, then Google Maps will stop working. Google Maps will be greyed out and will be covered with a watermark.

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